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How Patriots Super Bowl loss helps Saints this offseason: Podcast

The guys discuss the Super Bowl and what benching Malcolm Butler could mean for the Saints. Also, the Falcons are gigantic babies. And who will be the next voice of the Saints?

Saints release Nick Fairley; what’s it mean cap wise? New England lost the Super Bowl and Bill Belichick inexplicably benched Malcolm Butler for the entire game for no apparent reason other than Belichick hates poor Malcolm and playing good defense. Could this help the Saints sign Butler this offseason? Was the Eagles trick play more aggressive than the Saints Ambush vs. the Colts? With Jim Henderson retiring as voice of the Saints we debate our favorite calls and who might be next as the voice of the Saints. Also the Falcons are gigantic babies and 28-3 really is gonna haunt Arthur Blank into the afterlife. Plus, the Times Picayune goes full New York Post.

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