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49ers Pay Jimmy Garoppolo Bigly, Does This Affect Saints & Brees? [Podcast]

In CSC’s official podcast, Ellias and Deuce discuss the big contract that San Francisco just gave Jimmy G and how it could possibly affect (if at all) the Saints and Drew Brees.

NFL: FEB 03 Super Bowl LII - NFL Honors Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo, the heralded former Patriot now 49er QB, is no the highest paid player in the NFL on a per year basis. Alex Smith who was traded to the Redskins by the Chiefs also saw himself being rewarded with an extension and pay raise.

Where does this leave Saints QB Drew Brees? Will he ask for a lofty contract? Should he be expected to take a hometown discount? Ellias and Deuce discuss this and more in this episode of Who Dat Confessional.

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