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Saints’ Michael Thomas Recruiting Honey Badger | Nick Fairley Still Wants to Play [Podcast]

The NFL Combine is getting underway, Saints WR Michael Thomas is courting the honey badger out of Arizona and Saints have already started offseason targeting.

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the news that the Saints will be letting Kenny Vaccaro walk this offseason the question being raised among fans and analysts is, “who will take over his responsibilities as the nickel back?” One possibility seems to be the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu, or everyone else) as multiple players from NFL teams are actively recruiting him on Twitter.

Michael Thomas is the representative from New Orleans hoping to influence the Arizona Cardinal free safety to return to his original stomping grounds. Jamal Adams from the New York Jets (who also played at LSU), and a member of the Eagles secondary have also reached out to Mathieu. This is all assuming he’ll be available as the Cardinals are “non-committal” to continuing with his contract.

The Saints have begun to focus on free agent targets, and their first meeting at the NFL Combine is with former Panthers S Kurt Coleman. While Coleman will be 30 going into the 2018 NFL season, he could provide depth and be a potential fill in should the Saints get hit hard with injuries as they were during the 2017 campaign. Another player fans are requesting the Saints look at is Muhammad Wilkerson. Rev and Ellias both seem to be opposed to this potential signing.

Nick Fairley has stated he would like to continue playing, though it’s extremely unlikely this would be with New Orleans. (To our knowledge, he’s yet to be medically cleared to do so). Still, with his contract in arbitration it adds a wrinkle to his offseason story. We discuss this and a lot more in today’s episode!

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