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Johnny Manziel Works Out | Bucs grab JPP/Curry | Saints Targeting TE in Draft? [Podcast]

As we inch closer to the draft, we’re beginning to see the positions the Saints are targeting with their interviews and visits. Also, are the Bucs getting better? Johnny Manziel worked out in front of 13 teams, but were the Saints interested?

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The NFL has become a year long sport even though games are only played in the winter and fall. Johnny Manziel, whom many consider one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory, worked out in front of thirteen representatives of NFL teams. It seems is journey to return to the league has begun. The New Orleans Saints were not one of the teams in attendance, and personally I’d rather go with Taysom Hill as Drew Brees’ future successor than Manziel.

On the other side of the NFC South win column from 2017 the Tampa Bay Bucs have made several moves during the free agency period to try and solidify their defensive line adding players like Vinny Curry, Jason Pierre-Paul and Beau Allen. How do these moves help them against divisional opponents?

Finally, we cannot express how impressed, proud, and honored by the strength Mrs. Gayle Benson has displayed at the visitation for her late husband, and Saints owner, Tom Benson. She’s greeted every individual who has come to pay their respects and will be attending the league owner’s meeting.

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