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Bears won’t match Saints offer to Cameron Meredith

After playing the waiting game, the Saints get to keep Cameron Meredith after all.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints will indeed get to keep wide receiver Cameron Meredith. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Chicago Bears aren’t matching the 2-year, $9.6 million deal extended to the former restricted free agent. Chicago had until 3 p.m. on Wednesday to match the Saints offer, which included $5.4 million guaranteed, but after a meeting with Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy, they informed Meredith that they weren’t moving forward.

Meredith, who is coming off a torn ACL and MCL injury in 2017, has history with current wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson, and should be an interesting threat opposite of Michael Thomas and appealing target for Drew Brees.

Of course, the knee injury is a big focal point of Meredith’s future, as reports said the Bears were hesitant to commit that much money to him because of the medical concerns. Meredith was tendered at the lowest level by Chicago, but now cashes in on a bigger pay day in New Orleans.