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CSC Roundtable: should Saints really go after Dez Bryant?

The divisive wide receiver is apparently on the Saints’ radar.

ARLINGTON, TX - New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis (28) escorts Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) into the end zone during a 2014 game at AT&T Stadium.
ARLINGTON, TX - New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis (28) escorts Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) into the end zone during a 2014 game at AT&T Stadium.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport dropped a bombshell late Monday night, reporting that the New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens are more-likely landing spots for former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, despite Bryant’s desire for revenge games in the NFC East. Saints head coach Sean Payton followed Bryant on Twitter within seconds of his release being announced last week, which is great conspiracy theory fodder.

To that end, here’s a transcript of the Canal Street Chronicles groupchat and our thoughts on whether the Saints should really go through with this, edited for typos and memes.

Brenden Ertle: Ian Rapoport just reported live that the Saints are are a real possibility for Dez Bryant, along with the Ravens. His words, not mine.

John Hendrix: Lol wut

Chris Conner: Maybe, Sean just did follow Dez on Twitter. I support it.

John Hendrix: I’ve asked. This is legit.

Bob Rose: Damn.

Ertle: Oh wow!!

John Sigler: I don’t get it.

Rose: Cannot possibly happen... RIGHT?!?!

Hendrix: I don’t get it either Sig. Michael Thomas and Cameron Meredith are your possession guys. Ginn your only deep threat. So we gonna have three possession guys, a deep threat, and a question mark with Willie Snead?

Rose: One prone to temper tantrums when he doesn’t get the ball, regardless of the score??

Hendrix: Oh this is gonna get fun lol.

Conner: Still an upgrade from last year I would say. Meredith has sneaky speed if all is right with his knee. But Thomas, Ginn, Meredith, Bryant, and Snead is better than what was put out last season. Now from a personality perspective... just gotta hope winning creates greener pastures.

Hendrix: Mhm.

Sigler: What’s the vision for Dez Bryant on the Saints? He struggles to separate before the catch and hold onto the ball once it comes his way. Mediocre on third down, dropped to 34.2-percent conversion rate last year after sitting at an average 40.8-percent in his career. Sean Payton chasing a name rather than a talent? Maybe he comes here and turns into a red zone TD machine. Dez was at his best in 2013-2014 when Romo was just feeding him inside the 20, scoring 18 times on 34 targets (52.9%).

Conner: Taking you’re not a fan Sig? Lol.

Sigler: Maybe Payton sees himself scheming Dez open against nickel cornerbacks?

Conner: I would assume. He’ll see much better coverage matchups. And playing with the Terrance Copper whisperer won’t hurt. Unless people feel Dez is Adrian Arrington?

Hendrix: Wut.

Deuce Windham: NO DEZ.

Conner: Doesn’t feel as if you’re a fan of the idea, Hendrix. What do you think?

Hendrix: Trying to picture how it works is all.

Conner: The only comparison I can think of is the Arizona Cardinals with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston.

Hendrix: Maybe so. Dez has needed a QB like Tony Romo who can put the ball where only he can get it. Dak is a good QB. He ain’t Romo. Drew Brees is a perfect pairing, tbh. I’m not doubting that.

Conner: Quite the gamble. They would have to win big. Otherwise could be hell in many areas.

Brian Pavek: I think Dez could have value here, but it would require some restructuring of the offense to maximize him and I’m not sure that’s smart. Would rather get a tight end and a wide receiver in the draft, open things up, and rely on Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara to be the engine. Just feels safer that way.

Ertle: How much money is he getting paid y’all think?

Hendrix: $3- to $5-million base, and then heavy incentives. Maybe a one-year, prove-it deal?

Ertle: I agree.

Pavek: The hubabaloo about Dez’s attitude is typical media stupidity.

Hendrix: I don’t think he complained much when it was Romo.

Pavek: Haven’t seen anything about teammates having issues, generally the opposite. People confuse passion with being problematic. There is zero chance Michael Thomas doesn’t act like that if he had Grayson and we went 6-10.

Conner: I mean he had a career-defining catch stripped from him... lost the quarterback that had Terrell Owens crying... 6-10 and Dak sounds like the final straw.

Pavek: And for the record: Dak is closer to Grayson than Romo, much less Brees.

Sigler: It’s kind of like Odell Beckham Jr being stuck with Eli Manning. That’s a lot of frustration for any person, much less a passionate athlete.


So what do you readers think? Should the Saints go after Dez, or is this just Adrian Peterson: the Sequel?