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Saying Goodbye to Willie Snead | NFL Draft Prep [Podcast]

With one day left before the draft, Deuce and Ellias discuss the latest nuggets offered by Sean Payton and attempt to prepare fans for the potential that the Saints could take a QB or offensive lineman at 27.

New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Episode 137 of your favorite podcast starts off rather solemn, as Deuce and Ellias acknowledge the “from the heart” open letter that Willie Snead tweeted to Saints fans upon word getting out that New Orleans would not be matching the offer sheet he signed with the Ravens. As fans, we wholeheartedly appreciate all of his contributions and wish him well on his new journey. Once a Saint, always a Saint!

Ellias gets us caught up on the latest Saints news, with Sean Payton being the primary source as he makes his radio rounds prior to the draft, dropping little golden nuggets for people like us to mull on.

  • On Cameron Meredith - Expects him to get some work in mini-camp and that they feel good about his knee.
  • On Willie Snead - Suggests that it’s tough losing a player that made plays for them on 3rd down and contributed to wins, but wishes him well in Baltimore.
  • On Brandon Coleman - Important to the team and continues to see him as an important piece going forward.
  • Reiterates his stance on the QB class. There is no Carson Wentz or Patrick Mahomes (whom they considered taking at 11th last year) and Sam Darnold has the best chance (if he had to guess) at sticking in the league. He would not be at all comfy if he had to pick at the top of the draft and find a franchise QB was a “must”.

OL a Surprise pick in the Draft?

Rumblings of the potential for the Saints to select an offensive lineman depending on how the draft falls are starting to catch speed. Both guys agree that building from the inside out is how better teams are built and would have no problem with offensive lineman being the selection. Max Unger isn’t getting older and Payton recently mentioned that they haven’t replaced the services of Senio Kelemete, who basically gave the team a Nickel CB level snaps (60%) as a sixth offensive lineman.

Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson?

Both could be possibilities at 27th for New Orleans, and they both appear to be very polarizing prospects for Saints fans. For Jackson, there is the running/injury aspect of his game, but for Mason Rudolph it appears as though he just isn’t seen as a great prospect by many. Rev and Ellias discuss some of the good and bad associated with Rudolph and why he may or may not be the right option for the Saints

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Deuce discusses some of his favorite small school prospects that he likes in this year’s draft.
  • Antonio Callaway fails drug test at combine.
  • Would Dalton Schultz be a good late round option at TE for the Saints?
  • Is there a chance the Saints could trade back?
  • Biggest Need that still remains - TE or DE?
  • Rashaan Evans or Reuben Foster (Hint: It’s the one you can count on to be available)
  • Do we need to draft a Ted Ginn replacement?
  • What would it cost for Saints to move up?

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