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Rounds 2 and 3 NFL Draft Thread: Saints Have Work To Do

Take the fact that we don’t have a 2nd round pick with a large grain of salt.

2018 NFL Draft
Feel good story of the 1st first round.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Day 2: Rounds 2 & 3 start at 6 p.m. Central Friday. Each team will have 7 minutes to make their second round pick and 5 minutes to make their third.

Saints wants or needs, however you call them are TE, LB, O-line, and pretty much depth on all defensive positions. Lots of good talent dropped into the second round because of a lot of reaching IMO, and while the Saints don’t have a pick in the 2nd, don’t think that will stop them.

Remaining picks headed in are, 91 in the third, 127 in the fourth, (they gave up the 147, fifth round pick in the Green Bay trade), 164 fifth round, 189 and 201 sixth round, and 245 in the seventh round.

Sure wish I could be there for the crawfish boil on the final draft day. We have one here in Arkansas Saturday but it’s right during the draft.