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Drew Brees Sues Jeweler for $9 Million

I doubt anyone is feeling too sorry for him, though.

NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ (so take that for what it’s worth) has announced that New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is suing a Vahid Moradi, a jeweler in San Diego, for at least $9 million in damages.

Brees is claiming that he purchased what was supposed to be $15 million worth of expensive jewelry, but that he was “scammed” into purchasing jewelry worth at least $9 million less than the stated price - that would mean his jewelry is worth only $6 million for those of you playing at home.

Of the pieces purchased, Brees claims the biggest difference in value is 4.09 carat blue diamond ring that he purchased in 2015 for $8.18 million but recently appraised at only $3.75 million.

Moradi’s attorney counters that Brees is simply trying to sue to recover money from a bad business decision in incorrectly assuming the jewelry was going to appreciate at a rate faster than what occurred.

Take it all for what you will, and for what it’s worth, remember that Drew Brees was a leading spokesperson for AdvoCare, a multi-level marketing company.