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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Canal Street Chronicles

For a decade, our community has represented the (Black &) Gold standard of Saints fandom. Today we celebrate the site and the community it represents.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Today we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this very site, this Saints community, Canal Street Chronicles. Although the site officially began sporadically running posts in June 2007 under a site manager named Sunil, we celebrate today as CSC’s official anniversary as it was April 8th, 2008 that former site editor, Dave Cariello recorded his first post with us. He took over a young Saints blog still looking to hit its stride, and helped turn it into the community we know and love today.

Thanks go to all of the contributors and editors that have left their marks on this site over these last ten years, all of them have been part of something special here. Even more appreciation goes to all of you, our community. Your comments and your interaction with us and with each other have led to some hilarious moments, some heartfelt ones, and some real friendships. That’s pretty cool. Thanks to you, a community of readers that are truly the class of the SB Nation blogosphere.

Many thanks go to current site editor, John Hendrix for continuing to build upon the legacy we have all contributed to here. Since taking the reigns in August 2016, John has brought a collection of talented and passionate contributors on board, while seamlessly integrating those of us who had been on staff from before his tenure. Thanks for respecting the past while building for the future. Here in our tenth year, this site has collected arguably its best group of contributors and is publishing some of its finest and most consistent pieces.

We have all seen many Saints communities come and go over the last ten years, but through it all, there has been one constant, Canal Street Chronicles. Thank you, one and all. Whether you have contributed to this site as a writer. Whether you have thousands of comments to your name or you have simply joined us to read the posts and enjoy the banter. Thank you.

Some of the memories from our first half decade had been recorded for posterity, and are in our archives. You can look back at those early years linked here. It was a bit of the wild west in the early years, and many of you were there and remember those times well! I’ve enjoyed looking back on some of the memories of those early days and I’m sure many of you will as well.

We are not only celebrating the past decade, but looking ahead at the decade to come. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of our potential here, and we’ll need all of you to continue to use your voice here as we continue to represent the finest site Who Dat Nation has to offer. Many of you have found this site as a place to share your passion for the Saints with folks that share that same passion. Now lets continue to build upon that, to make this place bigger and better than it has ever been before.

Finally, let’s take this opportunity to use the comments section to reminisce about the past and suggest for the future. We should remember those community members that have passed, and those that have simply moved along. We can also welcome in new community members, reminding them this site can be a place where all are welcome. A home of inclusion in our passion for the New Orleans Saints.

Let’s get this celebration started in the comments below! Who Dat!