Report: Saints Coach Sean Payton feels Mark Ingram should not be Skipping Voluntary Workouts

On Saturday, May 12, at the New Orleans Saints' rookie minicamp, head coach Sean Payton was asked about the notable absence of Pro Bowl running back Mark Ingram from the facilities thus far this offseason. His response, which was largely copacetic, seemed to include a bite on how he really feels:

"Now, do I think he should be here? Yeah..."

Ingram's brand is currently clouded by a four-game suspension, bestowed upon him by the NFL for his failure of a drug test, for substances allegedly related to the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. With the looming suspension, particularly during a contract year, some might think it would be in his best interests to show he is committed to the team, or at least to football, and to being in the best shape possible when it is eventually time for him to take the field, again. Mark and his new agents, it would seem, feel otherwise.

Sean Payton, however, clearly thinks he should be there. And the head coach's tendency to say "the right thing," when being questioned by the media, didn't stop him from tossing in a remark about how he really feels, regarding the star RB's current decision to keep his distance from the team.

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