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2018 Saints Draft Picks: Relative Athletic Score

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There was a clear pattern in every Saints draft selection: size, weight, and speed. Last year’s Saints coaching staff being selected to coach the NFC Pro Bowl team illustrates they are one of the best groups in the league. Mickey Loomis trusts his coaching staff to grow and teach their “raw” draft picks. The relative athletic score card records a players height, weight and all their combine numbers to track the players athleticism.

Marcus Davenport, EDGE

Looking at Marcus Davenport’s Relative Athletic Scores above, it illustrates his elite athleticism, as shown with the max high of 21.42 MPH and a 11.61 agility score. Davenport excels in each and every category. His RAS score of 9.66 is outstanding for a edge rusher. At the NFL combine his performance was among the best out of any position.

Tre’Quan Smith, Wide Receiver

Tre’Quan Smith also has a very good RAS score with a 6.86. His only struggles were the shuttle and bench, which may be one of the reasons he struggled to get off press coverage at UCF, but strength can always improve. Smith will fit into the slot well and, with help from receivers coach Curtis Johnson, can be Ted Ginn Jr’s “heir apparent”.

Rick Leonard, Offensive Lineman

The Saints 4th round “project” selection in Rick Leonard didn’t complete the card, but the information that is the RAS is very good. Sean Payton sees Leonard to be their swing tackle.

Natrell Jamerson, Safety

Natrell Jamerson also graded well with a 8.21. His only categories that didn’t grade well was his height. He is barely 6-foot tall, which is not an ideal NFL height for a defensive back. Also, his three-cone wasn’t impressive. His side-to-side movement for a free safety is very important, but you won’t see a deep safety run a three-cone drill during play, so it’s questionable how that test will translate during a game.

Jamerson will see the field with his ability to perform on special teams, as he returned kicks at Wisconsin, but could also produce on other teams. The Saints special team group is deep and improving, which will result in familiar names being cut.

Kamrin Moore, Cornerback

Kamrin Moore didn’t score as well as fellow draftee Jamerson, but was okay at a 5.48. Moore doesn’t have the same speed and versatility as Jamerson has, but has a bigger build and is very effective in the run game and cover two. He is only 5-foot-11 and 200 pounds, but he lays the wood. He ran a 4.55 40-yard dash (Marcus Davenport ran a 4.58 to put that in perspective).

Boston Scott, Running Back

Boston Scott is a tiny human with huge ability, and he scored a great 8.85. His athleticism is off the charts and often compared to Darren Sproles for his size and speed. With Mark Ingram suspended the first four games of the season, Scott could get some playing time early.

Will Clapp, Offensive Lineman

As the Saints second offensive line draft pick, Will Clapp scored a 3.27 — which is low, but normal for a lineman. What’s important to look at is his measurables, and bench is key for a lineman. A 7.5 vertical is also excellent for a offensive lineman. Clapp, the Louisiana native, could be a steal for the Saints in the 7th round, and a clear name to watch in training camp.