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Saints News|Ken Crawley or P.J. Williams?|Tom Savage, J.T. Barrett, or Taysom Hill for #2 QB?[Podcast]

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It’s debate night. Should the Saints have more confidence in Tom Savage, J.T. Barrett, or Taysom Hill? Can P.J. Williams beat out Ken Crawley for a starting spot opposite Marshon Lattimore?

It’s debate night on Episode 142 of Who Dat Confessional as Ellias and Rev offer some compelling arguments about a few position battles that could take place during camp. Ellias kicks things off with some brief Saints news and then the Clash of the Titans begins with a PJ Williams(Ellias) vs Ken Crawley(Rev) debate followed by a Tom Savage(Rev) vs J.T. Barrett and Taysom Hill(Ellias) discussion. Per usual we finish up with Q & A and if you watch long enough you may be able to point out a special guest we had in the audience (Her Son has his own Island in New Orleans)!

Saints News(2:00)

Special to the Pioneer Press

The News kicks off discussing Saints UDFA 6’10 Minnesota Gophers Tight End Nate Wozniak being asked moved to Tackle by the Saints.

“He’s got the length; he’s got the stature,” Payton said. “We didn’t feel like he was a tight end prospect, and it’s nothing against the O-line, but that’s kind of your last stop. I do like his length, and I think he can develop. I think he can put on weight. He’s got the athleticism. So, we’ll just keep working with him, getting him reps and he’s handled it well.”

Both Rev and Ellias agree that the move makes sense for a guy that Sean Payton said “we had a hard time reading his college snaps at TE” It’s not an uncommon move and multiple guys like Joe Staley and Alejandro Villanueva (also 6’10) have successfully made the switch.

The Saints also signed former New York Giants Defensive Tackle Jay Bromley after his tryout during the Rookie Mini-Camp. New Orleans must have liked what they saw as they chose to sign him over Tyrunn Walker who they are more familiar with from his previous stint in New Orleans. If you haven’t seen this young man in action check out the highlight video below.

The Great Debates (10:00 - 28:00 )

Ken Crawley vs P.J. Williams - One’s a better pass defender and one is a better option in the run game. Is it possible for competition to help place them in their best position for success? The guys take turns offering their opinion on who would be better for the defense opposite Marshon Lattimore and Rev serves up an awesome Ford Truck analogy that some of you F150 owners might find fitting.

Tom Savage vs J.T. Barrett & Taysom Hill - No bums were harmed in the making of this film fits as a perfect disclaimer here. Tom Savage plays the role of Rodney Dangerfield (In Rev’s mind) as he just can’t seem to get any respect from Ellias who recognizes that Savage has talent but also sees a problem upstairs that could be hard for Sean Payton to fix. Trust me you’ll want to hear this debate vs reading about it!

Who Dat Confessional Q & A(28:45)

  • Which 2018 rookie has impressed the most
  • Sheldon Rankins or David Onyemata - Who would you sign in FA?
  • Will Demario Davis lead the league in Tackles?
  • Does Tre’Quan Smith beat out Cameron Meredith for #3 WR position?
  • Who is a dark horse Defensive Lineman to make the team?
  • Is Al Quadin Muhammad the next Junior Galette minus the belt?
  • Is it time to find a succession play to Terron Armstead at LT?
  • Who fills in for Ingram for the first four games?
  • What position worries us the most moving forward?

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