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New Orleans Saints Lucky to Have Fleur-de-Lis as a Logo

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A bunch of logos around the NFL are awful.

2010 NFL Opening Kickoff Presented By EA SPORTS - The Krewe Parade Photo by Lee Celano/Getty Images

It’s the offseason. Give us a break. conducted a poll of over 1,400 NFL fans to determine which team’s logo was the “best.” The New Orleans Saints’s fleur-de-lis came in at the top of the class.

The Graphic Designer specifically interviewed in the article had this to say about the Saints’ logo:

The Graphic Designer: I am a Saints fan, so I’m going to have a biased opinion. But to start, this one has a great color combination with the black and gold. The triple black-white-black outline works very nicely here to create depth around the gold interior. As far as the actual symbol goes, the fleur-de-lys is just a classic symbol representing New Orleans. You see the symbol all around the city in non-sports contexts; it is even on the city flag. However, the designers made some effective adaptations to the fleur-de-lys symbol to make it work here as a sports logo. The symbol itself has a great symmetrical shape. Particularly, there’s a great combination of sharp points and smooth roundness, which creates a pleasing effect on the eye. I think that’s what gives it a bit of a formal, austere feel. Maybe even a bit intimidating.

FanJuicer: One criticism I’ve heard is that this doesn’t scream “football.”

The Graphic Designer: I guess I can see that, but it would have looked hokey if they would have tried to add in a football or something similar to what they did with the Jets logo. I just think the symbol itself is powerful enough to stand on its own. They’ve done enough here to make this work as a sports logo. You see the three outlines of the original shape to create almost four points at the top here. I think that adds depth and makes it look sportier. I think an effect like that may even help the Colts logo, which is a little too simple, but I’m not sure. Everything is subjective and situational in graphic design.

There’s some pretty cool information there about bias results, so make sure you check out the full article.

The NFC South was well-represented in the ranking. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the lowest ranking, coming in around the middle of the pack at 17th overall. The Carolina Panthers were ranked 11th and the Atlanta Falcons only two spots behind the Saints at 3rd.

It’s not the first time someone has ranked the NFL logos, but the Saints come out on top this time.