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CSC Roundtable: Favorite and Least-Favorite Saints 2018 Draft Pick

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Marcus Davenport couldn’t be an answer to either.

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In a continuation of a previous series, we thought we would let the readers see the inner conversations of contributors here at Canal Street Chronicles, where we each can weigh in on a topic and share our thoughts. We don’t always agree with each other, so view our thoughts below and comment with your thoughts.

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Who was your favorite and least-favorite draft pick of the Saints in 2018?

Contributors in the conversation: Bob Rose (Bob), John Hendrix (Hendrix), Chris Dunnells (Dunz), and Brian Pavek (Brian).


Dunz - And before you answer, just know that you can’t say Marcus Davenport was your favorite. That’s too easy.

Bob - My favorite is [Natrell] Jamerson. He looks like a real kick return weapon and special teams stud. Also decent natural instincts at defensive back, considering his inexperience. Could be a real find as slot corner and safety in sub packages.

Brian - Bob stole mine so I’ll say [Tre’Quan] Smith. He’s got awesome upside, and a very stable floor in this offense. He seems like a smart player who wants to grow/work hard. Those guys tend to thrive here.

Dunz - Don’t forget to give me a least favorite too.

Brian - Least favorite...Kamrin Moore. He might be redundant and is likely a camp body.

Bob - I think Moore is just a camp body too. I was shocked at the Rick Leonard pick, like most of us, but I understand why they like the player. I’m being kinda picky here, but I honestly see a few red flags in Tre’quan Smith’s game that has me concerned. He has a lot of great tools, but I’ve seen multiple games where he gets a little alligator armed around contact, especially over the middle.

Brian - So he’s Robert Meachem, but a 3rd round pick instead of a 1st...

Bob - I wouldn’t go that far. Meachem was probably a better deep threat, and Smith looks like he has better all-around tools. Comparison over the middle might be close though. I hope I’m wrong.

Sig - That’s funny because I was going to say Smith is my favorite. He’s probably going to have a streamlined role as a rookie for the reasons you mentioned, probably seeing a Meachem/Kenny Stills style route tree and responsibilities. He probably only catches like 35 passes this year, but gets them at 20 yards per and scores 5 or 6 times.

Brian - Same role, just different way of doing it, but I’m more referring to the player profile. He’s wildly inconsistent (other than blocking) - devastating when on - and draws attention.

Sig - Smith was one of CFB’s best deep threats last year per PFF charting and he gets to play with an elite deep passer in Brees. That’s money.

Brian - His skillset and our other personnel basically guarantee he will be able to get free on a double move at LEAST once a game.

Bob- For the role that Smith will play, especially as a rookie, you’re absolutely right. The couple of negative things that I did see would be more concerning if the expectations of him were as a #1 wideout, which obviously isn’t the case.

Hendrix - My most favorite is Smith, just because he can stretch the field and makes the wide receiver training camp battle really something to look forward to. It’s safe to say top spots are Michael Thomas, Cam Meredith, and Ted Ginn. The battle for 4-5 is going to be something with Smith facing guys like Austin Carr trying to carve out a spot and battling Brandon Coleman and Tommylee Lewis.

Sig - My least favorite is probably Kamrin Moore. I don’t think he offers immediate special teams value like Jamerson and he didn’t wow me with great functional athleticism when I went back and looked. I will give him upside as an open tackler, though.

Hendrix - My least favorite echoes everyone else and has to go to Kamrin Moore. It’s not that I don’t think he’ll do anything, but he has his work cut out for him. Maybe he can push some of the other established guys like P.J. Williams, Arthur Maulet, and Justin Hardee. But realistically? I don’t see him taking their spots right now. His way onto the roster is through special teams and playing nearly flawless in camp.


So there you go. Was there anything said in our roundtable that you agree with? Something you absolutely hate? Tell us in the comments! Share you thoughts - who was your favorite and least favorite pick in this year’s Saints draft class? Tell us in the comments. Send me presents.