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Why the New Orleans Saints Could Win it All, Part V: Quarterbacks

We shouldn’t expect a decline from Drew just yet.

Wild Card Round - Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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Drew Brees is good at football.

In 2017, his age 38 season, set an NFL record for completion percentage while also leading the league in completions and yards per attempt. He had a career best interception percentage and his highest Quarterback Rating since 2013. All in all, another great year for the face of the franchise.

Back-up QB Chase Daniel decided to once again leave New Orleans in hopes of finding time as a starter, this time landing in Chicago to back up Mitchell Tribusky. The Saints brought in former starting QB Tom Savage to be the primary back-up for Brees, and have a pair of interesting young players in Taysom Hill and former Buckeye J.T. Barrett.

So here’s why they’re better in 2018:

Wild Card Round - Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Yes, Drew Brees is another year older, and Father Time is clearly against him. But Saints fans should be fortunate for Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. With Tom Brady 19 months older than Drew Brees, every season Brady has held off Father Time, Brees is not in unchartered water for the next season. That being said, while both players are obviously different people, if or when Brady finally struggles and shows signs of age, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Brees face similar results the following season.

In 2017, Brady had the third highest completion percentage of his 18-year career, led the league in passing yards for the season, and made his 8th consecutive Pro Bowl - not really showing any signs of slowing down. Likewise, we shouldn’t be banking on a Brees decline any time soon.

Brees is also the beneficiary of an improved supporting cast around him. He’s better weapons around him to catch the ball with the additions of Benjamin Watson, Cameron Meredith and Tre’Quan Smith. He has a top offensive line to protect him and what should be (spoiler alert) an improved defense to help get the ball back into his hands quicker.

If - heaven forbid - Brees is forced to miss time in 2018 or slumps due to age, Tom Savage is a more than adequate back-up who could very well prove to be a starter in the NFL (not likely, but still). However, don’t hold your breath for Brees to show his age just yet.