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Analysis of new Saints WRs Michael Floyd & Brandon Tate | Who stands out on special teams? [Podcast]

Are the new wideouts the Saints brought in camp bodies or did New Orleans unearth a diamond in the rough with their latest signings?

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Camp Bodies or nah?

That’s the discussion as Deuce and Ellias dig into the late breaking news that the Saints have reached an agreement with former Arizonal Cardinal 1st round pick Michael Floyd and return specialist Brandon Tate. The fact(s) of the matter is while these moves may end up being nothing on the surface if either of these guys stick. Yesterday’s transactions could be looked at as small pieces to a championship puzzle months down the line, or simply more moves made to fill a 90 man offseason roster.

Tre’quan Da’ Don!!

Meanwhile the Tre’quan Smith hype train is as real as a chance at love(bonus cool points for whomever catches that reality TV reference) as the rookie has made an impact early in training camp. The Saints have Michael Thomas as Drew Brees #1 WR but could Smith impress enough to wrestle the primary deep threat role away from Ted Ginn?

WDC Question & Answer

  • Will the Saints keep 4 QB’s (28:11)
  • Is P.J. Williams a possible candidate to be cut? (32:33)
  • Who are front runners to be core Special Teams players(41:05)
  • Thoughts on Dan Arnold and who are top 3 TE’s(45:22)

Thought for the Day -

Life is perfect just the way it is. What may seem like a hindrance at the time could actually be a blessing in disguise that allows you to avoid an unintended mishap. Rethink the moments you perceive as a waste of time!

Who Dat!!

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