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The Saints defense is legit and ‘swagger-liscious’ [Podcast]

The Saints defense is giving Drew Brees fits and Saints fans hope throughout the first few days of training camp. Brian and Chris discuss the top storylines and what makes this young team so appealing. Topics include taking a look at what makes 2018 so different from 2014, the defense looking awesome to start, why we’re not worried about the offense, the legend of Tre’Quan Smith, and as always we try to answer your twitter questions (follow us @snblog_podcast).

With the season returning the podcast will be posting on a weekly basis once again. Twitter questions can be submitted throughout the week, and once we have games we will have a postgame reaction show posted in the hours after the game as well. Join us to celebrate a win, rage at a loss, or just to engage in ALL forms of Falcons slander.

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