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Undisclosed Cameron Meredith injury has Keith Kirkwood’s stock rising like the Dow Jones

Keith Kirkwood come on down, you’re the next contestant on the slot is hot!

Temple v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints free agent acquisition Cameron Meredith scared many on the Twitter-verse earlier this week with an ominous Tweet seemingly referencing a new injury. Ian Rapoport helped put a few minds at ease, though:

With the latest new that Cameron Meredith is suffering from an undisclosed injury (unrelated to surgically repaired knee) the one name that has popped up among my peers as an immediate beneficiary is Temple receiver Keith Kirkwood.

Kirkwood possess a similar skillset and body-type to Meredith and has acquitted himself well in a short time leading to him taking 1st team reps with the offense.

His steady rise in training camp after going undrafted has been a notable story to watch, but some still see his path to the 53 man roster being a tall order. It’s entirely possible, even with a potential injury to Meredith, that the presence of Tre’Quan Smith, Brandon Tate, Michael Floyd, Tommylee Lewis, Austin Carr and others, that Kirkwood is still just a practice squad candidate.

Friday’s preseason game versus the Cardinals should offer him a chance to impress as an alternative slot option.

We shall see.