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Latest injury to Alex Okafor makes Saints decision to trade up for Marcus Davenport look brilliant

Hindsight is 20/20 but you didn’t really need it to justify this move following the Alex Okafor Injury.

The Saints took one on the chin on draft night as national media called the team giving up a 2019 first round draft selection to make a move and pick UTSA DE/LB Marcus Davenport with the 15th overall selection a huge gaffe. It was a move that left a lot of analysts shaking their heads.

People were literally confuzzled as to why New Orleans would pay a premium price for a premium position. I mean it’s not like the NFL is based around QB’s and guys that can get to said QB’s or anything like that.

Nahhhhh, suggesting that would be absurd.

Following today’s recent news on Alex Okafor suffering an apparent lower leg injury, this is precisely why you should know your role and shut your mouth (thanks Rock). Fact is Sean listed DE/Edge as a must leading up to the draft and though we’d resigned Okafor there was absolutely no guarantee he’d return to form from the achilles injury that ended his season.

Simply put, if the position is a must you make a move on it and worry about the naysayers later or preferably not at all.

As we wait to find out the specifics and severity of Okafor’s latest injury the Saints brain trust should be praised for a decision that was almost Einstein like at the time AND it should also be noted that Davenport returned to practice today (albeit in limited fashion).

Blessing in disguise?

Maybe, but I still don’t get the impression the Saints need to Rush Limbaugh Davenport. While it may not be the the most popular option among the staff, the Saints still have the ability to kick Sheldon Rankins over to RDE to keep run defense integrity.

Trey Hendrickson, whom Deuce has a recent piece on that you can read here ,is also an option as he’s been pushing for more snaps based of his play in practice accentuated by the product he put on display via the first pre-season game.

Time will tell how things shake out but right now draft night Saints twitter can hold this L

You’re up rook...Who Dat!