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Saints Nation Podcast: Taysom Hill is Hayden Christensen, Chargers preview

Taysom Hill had a night to remember and forget, so where does that leave him?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The guys discuss Taysom Hill’s disastrous second preseason game, and Brian has decided that makes him the Hayden Christensen of Saints football. They also discuss the rest of the team’s ugly preseason loss against the Cardinals, players who are now likely to make the roster who they never saw coming, players who may be surprising cuts, and which players they are most looking forward to seeing in the third nationally televised preseason game against the Chargers.

Remember that we’ll be doing a special post game reaction show after the game on Saturday, as it’s the preseason dress rehearsal. We should see the full starters into the second quarter, according to what Sean Payton said on Thursday.

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