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One NFL scout’s hot takes for the NFC South teams

Hot. Hot. Hot.

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Training Camp Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Bleacher Report had an anonymous scout break down each of the NFL’s 32 teams as we continue through training camp. In the NFC South, there are some pretty controversial - and some not-so-controversial - hot takes that were dropped.

On the Buccaneers: ”This team is a disaster at quarterback. I’d be stunned if Jameis Winston is still the quarterback there next year.”

And we start with the hottest of the hot. Jameis Winston, the former #1 overall pick, might not play for the team that drafted him only 4 years earlier in 2019? Wow.

I mean, it’s not entirely surprising considering the hot water Jameis continues to throw on himself both with on-field and off-field issues. But still...

On the Falcons: ”They still haven’t recovered from that Super Bowl loss two years ago.”

Wait, the Falcons lost a Super Bowl?

On the Panthers: ”This is Cam Newton’s year. If he stays healthy, he’s the upset pick for league MVP. One thing to look for with him: vastly improved throwing accuracy. I think we’ll see him sit tight in the pocket more than he ever has.”

Here’s one that might be a little surprising to some.

Cam Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP, actually 7th best pre-season odds to win the MVP according to OddsShark. To the surprise of no one, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady lead the charge, but the player with the 4th best odds to win the MVP? None other than New Orleans Saints’ own Drew Brees.

On the Saints: ”The best coach in football is Belichick. The second-best might be Sean Payton. Few coaches I’ve seen in history are better at getting the most out of offensive personnel.”

Well, he’s not wrong.