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Browns 6, Saints 3: Second Half Game Thread.

After a ugly offensive start the Saints defense keeps us in the game.

Cleveland Browns v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Saints turnovers the real story so far in this game. First a Michael Thomas fumble leads to a 3 point score for the lead Browns. Another fumble by Ted Ginn isn’t as costly as The Saints get the ball back after a failed Cleveland Browns 4th and 1 attempt.

The Saints drive down to tie the game with a fieldgoal and the Browns kick another fieldgoal at the 2 minute mark to retake the lead. The Saints defense has played a great game thus far in the first half.

With less than two minutes left the Saints are unable to make a first down with protection breaking down for Drew Brees, who narrowly avoids a sack. With 38 seconds left in the half the Saints pin the Browns at the 9 yard line. The Browns are satisfied to run out the clock and head into halftime with a 6-3 lead.