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Drew Brees owns up to missed TDs | Saints vs. Falcons preview | Matchups to watch [Podcast]

Ted Ginn and Alvin Kamara at punt returner, Meredith seeing first game action, and Tre’Quan Smith expected to get more touches vs Falcons

Cleveland Browns v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

It’s Failclowns Hate Week, as Deuce and Ellias give you the rundown on a ton of information to come out ahead of Sunday’s game.

First off, did Drew Brees validate Deuce’s insight when he took blame for the errant throws that kept 12 points off the board against the Browns? The Saints could have easily put up 20 points before halftime, but truth is Brees is going to hit those more than he misses.

Tre’Quan Smith, according to Sean Payton, will be getting more opportunities to showcase his talents in the offense, and Cameron Meredith will also be making his first appearance with the Saints. How much will that along with Alvin Kamara and Ted Ginn Jr. being asked to return punts with Tommylee Lewis now on IR affect the outcome of the game?

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