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Falcons Hate Lagniappe: Pre-game Late Saints News

The Saints made a few late roster moves so hear are some updates.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

This is a general post for fans to spout off and vent. Feel free to fannyjack, and make fun of the Falcons.

Let me stress the need to keep things civil. I advise everyone to read all the rules. Particularly the ones involving profanity and treating each other with respect.

This is a thread dedicated to all off topic conversations. If there’s something that you want to talk about that isn’t really relevant to Saints football, can be discussed here. Think about this as a bar/hangout place for people who just want to have some fun with other Saints/football fans.

There are some rules/constraints we have to put on some conversations in order to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

The other SBN and CSC rules still apply. No racist, sexist, or personal attacks on anyone. It’s vulgar in other venues, it’s still vulgar here.

As well, no politics or religion talk. Nothing good can come from it.

If you think something is Not Safe For Work, don’t post it, link it instead.

Just because this is an Off-Topic thread, does not mean football talk is off limits! Just remember, keep arguments rational, and don’t get personal. If you feel things are getting too heated, step away and take a breath.

No trolling. We don’t want it, no need for it.

On that same vein as the previous rule, you may see some inside jokes. Don’t assume you know what’s what, make sure to find out what’s going on before getting upset. For example, most of you know my name isn’t really Clayton. It’s an inside joke when they call me that.

No swearing

On to the Saints new ahead of the matchup with the Falcons.

Vince Biegel is a LB. Likely a depth response to Manti Te’o’s injury.

J.T Barrett takes the open PS space.

Will Taysom Hill have an expanded role on Sunday?

That’s the latest few items of interest. Discuss, clown around, bash the Falcons, and generally have fun.

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