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Eagles 14 Saints 10 2nd Half Thread

We have a game.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles win the toss and defer to the Saints.

On the 1st play in the divisional matchup Drew Brees throw a deep interception. The Eagles drive back down the field for 7.

Saints then go 3 and out.

While the Eagles are methodically driving down the field Shelton Rankins suffers an injury and is carted off the field. Then Eagle right guard, Brandon Brooks has to be carted off the field. Marshon Lattimore is burned and it;s first and goal. On the second play Nick Foles gets in with the QB sneak. 14-0 Eagles, 4:37 left in the 1st quarter.

And ill advised return by Alvin Kamara and a penalty have the Saints starting at the 7. Saints lose yards a 15 yard penalty for taunting give the Saints a break. Drew flubs the next snap. Then a delay of game backs the Saint up 5 more. 2nd and 19. Thomas makes up the lost yards and it’s 3rd and 10. Thomas again, which takes it out to the 44. Ingram for 2. Incomplete and 3rd and 8. Drew fumbles. Ruled Eagles recover then fumble and the Saints recover for first and 10. Ruling is overturned and Saints punt.

Eagles start at the 30. Marshon Lattimore with the INT and it’s Saints ball at the Saints 20. Drew to Mark Ingram for 8. Alvin Kamara for 1. 3rd and 1. Ingram is short. Saints fake the punt and the Taysom Hill picks up the first. Eagles DT Fletcher Cox is down and limps off the field. Brees to Thomas to the Eagles 24. Ingram for 5. Eagles CB Rasul Douglas goes into the tent with an ankle injury then their DE Michael Bennett is down on the field. Kamara picks up the first down and it’s first and goal at the 9. False start backs the Saints up 5. 14 and goal. Incomplete to Ginn. 2nd and goal. Thomas get to the 2 on 3rd and goal. Brees to Kieth Kirkwood for the TD on 4th down. 14-7 Eagles with 7:23 left in the half.

Eagles start at the 25. Crown noise forces Foles to burn a timeout. Darren Sproles picks up the first. Wendell Smallwood picks up 1. Zach Ertz catches one for no gain. 3rd and 5. False start makes it 3rd and 10. Incomplete Eagles punt Saints get the ball back at the 20.

Kamara rushes for 13. Brees to Josh Hill for 3. Thomas for 4 brings up 3rd and 3, Brees is sacked. 4th down, 2 minute warning. Saints punt.

Eagles start at the 23. Foles to Jeffery for the first. Foles to Ertz incomplete. Rush for no gains Saints timeout. 3rd and 9. Foles pass batted down by Cameron Jordan. Eagles punt. Tommylee Lewis returns to the 20 but a block in the back by Chris Banjo backs the Saints to the 6. Brees to Thomas for the First. Brees to Ginn to the 39. Kamara picks up 6. Brees to Kamara to the 32. Timeout Saints. Holding call backs the Saints up 10. Out of fieldgoal range. Brees to Ginn To the 28. Brees spikes the ball. With 11 seconds the Eagles call a timeout. Saints kick the 45 yard fieldgoal, With 6 seconds left it’s 14-10 Eagles.

Eagles get the ball at the 25 and take a knee. Halftime.