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NFC Championship Saints vs Rams preview part I | Happy Birthday Drew | Ingram wants to return [Podcast]

Can Brees still do enough to with the Super Bowl? Some fans are worried about this arm strength moving forward, and he just had his 40th birthday! Sheldon Rankins going to IR with a torn Achilles insert Tyrunn Walker.

Can Drew still throw the deep ball?

That’s the current hot topic after Nick Underhill charted that Drew is currently 0-6 on passes traveling 35 yards or more through the air. Is it that he can’t, or is it just that he hasn’t yet? Deuce and Ellias give their opinions on that and more on Tuesday’s NFC Championship preview episode of Who Dat Confessional.

Podcast Topics

  • “The Goat turns 40”
  • Mark Ingram makes it known he wants to stay in New Orleans
  • Impact of losing Sheldon Rankins and chances that Tyrunn Walker makes an appearance
  • Can Andrus Peat and the Saints o-line handle Aaron Donald and Ndomakung Suh?
  • Aqib Talib vs Michael Thomas and Marcus Peters vs Ted Ginn
  • Would Saints trade Terron Armstead for picks next year?
  • Is Alvin Kamara in for a big game vs Los Angeles?
  • How the crowd noise can negatively effect the Jared Goff | Sean McVay connection
  • Thoughts on the Atlanta Mayor’s comments regarding Saints

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