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Rams O vs Saints D | Sean Payton wants crowd cheering after previous play ends | Injury updates [Podcast]

The Saints defense is being brushed to the side by the national media and the only thing people are talking about are the offenses. Can they win this game for New Orleans?

“The Crowd shouldn’t have an impact, they won’t have an impact” - Robert Woods Rams WR

It’s Sean McVay and Jared Goff’s first road playoff game together and Sean Payton would absolutely love for the Who Dat Nation to give them a warm welcome in the dome on Sunday.

How the fans can impact the game and what the defense can do to play off that are just a couple of the topics discussed on Thursday’s episode of Who Dat Confessional.

Podcast Topics

  • Injury Report
  • Thoughts on the budding Marcus Peters and Sean Payton Rivalry
  • Stand up and Get Crunk - How the fans can impact the Jared Goff and the Rams offense
  • Disguise Disguise Disguise
  • Why to expect more zone defense from the Saints D vs Rams O
  • Best way to stop Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson
  • How much will the Rams miss Cooper Kupp?
  • Over/Under
  • Score Predictions

There are multiple ways to catch your favorite Saints podcast! You can watch it on YouTube (to see the live comments from Who Dat Nation) or download it on iTunes/Google Play/Spreaker. As always, thanks for listening.

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