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NFL (almost) breaks silence on blatant no-call in NFC Championship

It’s not enough for the players, though.

NFL: International Series-NFL UK Live Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After retiring-Saint Benjamin Watson called out Roger Goodell and the NFL for the NFL’s continued silence after the failed no-call on defensive pass interference that would have sealed the win for the New Orleans Saints and sent his team to the Super Bowl, the NFL has done something. But it’s not nearly enough to placate Saints players or their fans.

Saints players took to Twitter to voice their displeasure on Goodell refusing to issue a statement outside of the fine:

It’s understandable, though, why Saints players scoff at the fine. We all remember Sean Payton wheeling in $200,000 in cash to help motivate Saints players, right? Well our old pal John Sigler pointed out the difference between the fine and the bonuses received by Rams players in part because of the fine.

Saints players and fans want Roger Goodell to take some accountability for the missed call. However, multiple talking heads in the NFL world have already acknowledged that they believe this fine to be Goodell’s final and only “statement” on the matter.

Many in the sports world are afraid that Goodell doing anything further, while vindicating Saints players, would delegitimize the Los Angeles Rams as a Super Bowl participant.

And frankly, that’s exactly what the Saints players want.