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Saints 12 Bears 10 2nd Half Thread

Defensive battle thus far.

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Bears receive and go 3 and out. Saints block the punt and get a safety after QB Mitchell Trubisky knocks the ball out of the endzone.

Saints and Bears exchange punts then after recovering a fumble Teddy drives for a TD to Josh Hill.

On the ensuing kickoff the Bears special teams unit returns it for a TD. 9- 7 Saints.

Harris returns to the Saints 11. Saints go 3 and out.

Bears start at the 33. Bears pick up a 1st down on a 17 yard reception. 1st quarter ends on an incomplete pass. Some missed tackles and the Bears are in fieldgoal range. Cam Jordan sacks Trubisky back to the 34. Saints defense hold and the bears settle for 3. 10-9 Bears.

Saints start at the 28. Teddy Bridgewater breaks contain for the 1st down. Bears throw the challenge flag and the ruling stands. Bridgewater to Michael Thomas to the Bears 45. Teddy to Thomas again at the 30. Latavius Murray rushes for 6. Saints settle for the fieldgoal. Will Lutz puts the Saints back on top 12-10.

Bears start at the 25. On 1st down pick up a nine yard completion. Trubisky throws at the ground. 3rd down. Bears burn their final timeout. Trubisky appears to have helmet communication problems. Defense hold and the Bears punt.

Saints start at the 34. Murray picks up 6 more on the run. 1st down to Josh Hill. Bridgewater to Thomas to the Bears 30. Murray for no gain. Teddy calls the Saints 1st timeout. 3:12 left in the half. Ted Ginn Jr. drops a sure TD pass. Teddy to Thomas at the 24. Payton attempts to draw the Bears offsides but have to settle for 3. Lutz pushes this one wide left.

Bears ball at their 24. Complete for 8. Two minute warning. Incomplete. 3rd and 2. Dump off for a loss and the Bears punts. Saints timeout leaves 1:49 on the clock. Both teams out of timeouts.

Deonte Harris returns the punt to the 37. Bridgewater to Murray for 5. Pass is batted down 3rd and 5. Teddy overthrows Thomas out of bounds. Saints punt. Thomas Morstead pins the Bears at the 17.

Incomplete out of bounds. Jordan brings the pressure. Complete for 5. Trubisky throws it away. Bears punt.

Deonte Harris returns the kick to the endzone but a holding penalty on the Saints negates the TD. Saints kneel it out. 12-10 Saints.

Saints defense is playing lights out and barring a special teams TD by the Bears this game wouldn’t be as close.