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Packers vs. Chiefs: Sunday Night Football open thread

Kansas City hosts the Pack on Sunday Night! Join us here to discuss the game!

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
Oh-ho! Digging that BBQ, huh coach?!
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Green Bay Packers tonight at Arrowhead. The Chiefs are without All-Pro QB Patrick Mahomes, which diminishes this marquee matchup against Aaron Rodgers. Will Rodgers feast on the suspect Chiefs defense without Mahomes to bail them out? Can the Chiefs put up the type of points they're accustomed to without their star QB? Let’s tune in and find out!

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

Kickoff - 5:20pm PST / 7:20pm CST / 8:20pm EST

Network - NBC

Enjoy the game with the CSC family and join the thread below!