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Saints 10 Cardinals 6: 2nd half thread

Drew is BACK!

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Saints receive to start the 1st half. Drew Brees picks right back up where he left up and drives down into field goal range. Will Lutz uncharacteristically misses yet another easy field goal. The 3rd in the past two weeks.

The Cardinals drive the field on the arm of Kyler Murray on a nice trickery pass play and take the early lead. 3-0 Cardinals.

Latavius Murray once again starts off strong in the run game and the Saints kick a successful fieldgoal. 3 all.

Cardinals go 3 and out and punt.

On the ensuing drive Michael Thomas makes a big run after the catch play and has another nice reception. Murray continues to rush well and brings it home for the Saints first touchdown of the day. 10-3 Saints.

Kyler Murray to Larry Fitzgerald for the 1st. Kyler continues to pass for two more first downs. Kyler rushes for 5. Incomplete. 3rd and 5. Incomplete to Fitzgerald in the endzone and the Cardinals settle for 3. 10-6 Saints.

Saints start at the 25. Three rushes my Latavius Murray picks up a 1st down. Saints then punt.

Cardinals start at the 21. Incomplete. Kyler Murray under pressure is forced to throw the next one away. 3rd and 10. Pass for 7 and the Cardinals punt again.

Deonte Harris fields it at the 15 and returns to the 20. Brees to Dan Arnold to the 41. Brees to Ted Ginn Jr. to the Cardinals 47. Center Erik McCoy is down. 1:24 left in the half. Will Clapp takes over under center. Michael Thomas picks up 12 more yards. Incomplete to Latavius. Thomas to the 24. Latavius Murray drops one in the bread basket. A holding penatly negates a Brees to Dan Arnold TD. 2nd half. 10-6 Saints.