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Saints 17 Buccaneers 10: 2nd half Thread.

Teddy throws two touchdowns!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas scores!
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Buccaneers win toss and elect to receive. They go 5 plays for 25 yards and Punt.

Saints go for 33 yards and Punt.

On the next drive the Saints force the Buccaneers to go three and out.

Saints start at the 36 and drive the field including a deep throw by Teddy Bridgewater to Michael Thomas but settle for 3. Bridgewater either over throws Jared Cook are Cook pulls up in his route too early.

Buccaneers again go three and out and punt.

Deonte Harris loses the ball on the punt return but the Saints retain possession. (Saints got real lucky there with a gift) Buccaneers intercept an pass by Bridgewater to Alvin Kamara which results in a touchdown. 7-3 Bucs.

Saints start at the 25. A rush by Latavius Murray for 12 and a first. Pass to Josh hill for a loss and short pass to Kamara brings up 3rd and 7. Teddy to Michael Thomas for the first. Taysom Hill comes in as QB and goes deep to Thomas. Bridgewater back in. Kamara for 3. Teddy rushes for 5. Kamara rushes for the first into the redzone. Teddy to Thomas for the TD. 10-7 Saints.

Buccaneers start at the 25. Bucs pick up a first. They pick up another first on the Jet sweep. Jameis Winston fumbles but Buccaneers recover. 3rd and 15. They kick a 42 yard fieldgoal. Score is 10 all.

Saints start at the 25. Short run by Kamara is called back for holding. Saints get a 1st on a PF call helmet to helmet on Cook. Buc’s CB Carlton Davis III is ejected. Then a false start on the Saints. Kamara picks up 5. 2nd and 10. Teddy to Murray for 6. Thomas picks up the 1st to the 42. Screen to Kamara for 11 more. Taysom Hill in at QB. Looks downfield and with nothing open finally runs for 10. Two minute warning. Bridgewater to Josh Hill to the ten yard line. 1st and goal. Kamara for 1. Next pass is to Jared Cook for the TD. 17-10 Saints. That’s two passing touchdowns for Teddy Bridgewater already this game.

Buccaneers start at the 25 with 30 seconds left and rush for a loss brings up halftime.