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FanPulse: Saints fans confidence restored for Week 12

Ignore the slight detour after the Falcons loss. Beating up on the Bucs helps.

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New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints are in a good position approaching the final calendar month of season at 8-2, but still have two games to go in November. The latest FanPulse results from SB Nation echo those good feelings, as the game against the Falcons proved to be just a blip on the radar. This week’s national question centered around which quarterback will be the best in five years, in which Patrick Mahomes ran away with it in unanimous fashion. Drew Brees was not included, but Tom Brady was. There was no Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill either.

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Current Confidence Level - 100% (previously 70%)

Again, just a bump in the road after the Falcons loss, which is good to see. Yes, that game was all sorts of awful. The Saints have a realistic opportunity to wrap up the division over these next two games, but have those pesky Ron Rivera-led Panthers in their way on Sunday. They’re clearly the more desperate team, as they’ve dropped three out of their last four games after starting 4-2. As always, it’ll be an interesting time at the Superdome on Sunday.

Historical Outlook

  • Week 11 - 70%
  • Week 10 - 100%
  • Week 9 - 100%
  • Week 8 - 100%
  • Week 7 - 100%
  • Week 6- 91%
  • Week 5 - 96%
  • Week 4 - 83%
  • Week 3 - 78%
  • Week 2 - 33%
  • Week 1 - 95%
  • Preseason Week 1 - 93%
  • Post-draft - 96%
  • Pre-draft - 96%
  • Free agency - 96%
  • End of season - 100%

NFC South Confidence Levels

The confidence levels in Panthers fans right now are woof.