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Saints 17 Falcons 9: Second Half Game Thread

Taysom Hill an early star.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Falcons win the toss and receive. The Saints force a three and out and Taysom Hill blocks the punt . With short yardage Taysom Hill then goes on to score the touchdown. Saints go up early 7-0.

the teams exchange a couple of punts then the flag extending drive for the Falcons starts. the falcon end the quarter on 4th down and one. They go for it and The Saints take over on downs at the 2. They go 3 and out and punt from the 10.

Falcons have excellent field position. With a 3rd and 8 the flag flies on Eli Apple againt for PI and the Falcons score. They miss the extra point attempt. 7- 6 Saints. Saints playing two teams again. If you know what I mean.

Saints put together a good drive aided by a 1st down conversion by Tre’Quan Smith and a nice catch and run by Jared Cook, putting them in 1st and goal range. Alvin Kamara rushes for about 5 and Tre’Quan Smith is down after making a block. Oh, I forgot to mention there was actually a flag thrown against the Falcons. Jared Cook drops an easy touchdown pass and the Saints have to settle for 3. 10-6 Saints.

Falcons start at the 25. A completion a run after moves the Falcons down the field. They pick up the next 1st down into Saints Territory. Falcons drive continues to the 39. Another 1st down past the 30. Coach Payton challenges a completed pass,wins, and it’s 4th down. the Falcons attempt a fieldgoal and miss Saints ball at the 32.

Brees to Jared Cook for a 1st down at the Atlanta 41. Alvin Kamara is stuffed. Screen to Kamara. 3rd and 1. Two minute warning to halftime. Taysom Hill in at quarterback and he runs in for the TD. 1:53 left in the half.

Falcons start at the 25. Falcons drive to the 44 then a false start backs them up. DE Trey Hendrickson gets a sack. 3rd and 17. Falcons pick up the 1st down and drive into normal fieldgoal range. This one is good. 3 seconds left. Saints go into the half up 17 to 9.