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Saints vs Falcons Preview | Basking in hate week [Podcast]

Saints vs Falcons Preview | Basking in hate week

Kamara and Cook back?

The injury report is out for Thursday, and it looks like the Saints will be getting back star runningback Alvin Kamara and tight end Jared Cook. How will this affect Latavius Murray’s snaps, and should he continue to see an increased role?

Dennis Allen deserves major credit

Jeff Ireland gets a lot of the recognition for the roster turnover and improvement, and deservedly so, but Allen has done a great deal to help improve the team. A recent article points out some of the ways this has happened, and we discuss those tidbits before going into the Falcons preview!

Thought for the Day -

Life is perfect just the way it is. What may seem like a hindrance at the time could actually be a blessing in disguise that allows you to avoid an unintended mishap. Rethink the moments you perceive as a waste of time!

Who Dat!!

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