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Week Thirteen NFL Late Games Thread: Root Against Last Season’s Darlings, Rams and Chiefs

No really interesting ones late.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

You have the 6-5 Rams against the 3-7-1 Cardinals or

The 6-5 Raiders against the 7-4 Chiefs. This is probably the best game to view. or

The equally dismal 4-7- Chargers against the 3-8 Broncos. Rumors say QB Philip Rivers is on a very short leash this week. Could wind up benched.

There you go folks. Watch, recuperate, celebrate, and enjoy. It’s back to the ole grindstone come Monday.

By the way. LSU dominated last night and QB Joe Burrow is the leading Heisman candidate. Especially if my voting has anything to do with it. Oh, and you know what Ohio can go do to themselves. lol