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Saints 20 Colts 0: 2nd Half Game Thread

Brees ties the touchdown record and probably should already have broken it. That said these refs have called a good game.

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Saints kickoff to start the half. After some bending the defense finally forces a punt. The punt is blocked putting the Saints in great field position but have to settle for a Wil Lutz field goal. 3-0 Saints

Defense forces another punt. Saints start deep in their own territory. A slow methodical 13 play drive results in a Drew Brees to Michael Thomas TD for one step closer to Peyton Manning’s record. 10-0 Saints

Colts start at the 25 for their third drive. The Saints defense forces a rare 3 and out.

Saints start at the 15 due to a holding penalty. Another methodical drive and a Drew Brees to Tre’Quan Smith TD ties the record. 17-0 Saints.

Colts start at the 25. Colts can’t seem to make it past mid field and are forced to punt again.

Saints start at the 12. 3:02 to the half. Drew Brees drives the Saints right down to 1st and goal. Just when you start to liking these refs, a weak OPI flag negates Brees’ record breaking TD and the Saints settle of a Wil Lutz fieldgoal. 20 -0 Saints Halftime!