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NFL Picks Week 16: Time For A Christmas Miracle

The NFL playoff picture is coming into focus, and we only have two more weeks to go.  Let’s take a look at all of the Week 16 action this Christmas!

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints face the Tennessee Titans in Nashville this week. Both teams still have much to play for, as the Titans are aiming for a playoff spot, while the Saints are looking to earn a first-round bye and an outside shot at the top-overall seed in the NFC. Neither team wants the lump of coal known as a loss this Christmas. Soon we will see which team has been naughty and which has been nice.

Christmas is a time when miracles can happen. The Saints won't need one in the place known for the “Music City Miracle”, but they will definitely need one on Monday Night in the place where the all-too-familiar “Minnepolis Miracle” took place. Let’s all hope a miracle that benefits the Saints takes place this Christmas. Lets take a look at this matchup as well as the rest of the Week 16 NFL schedule this Christmas!

Last week I went 13-3

I told you so: Cardinals over Browns!

What do I know: Rams over Cowboys?


Saturday, December 21st - Saturday NFL Special - Game 1

Texans(9-5) at Buccaneers(7-7)

Jameis Winston and the Tampa passing attack has been hot as of late, but without their top two receivers, the Bucs will be dead in the water against Deshaun Watson and the Texans. Houston wins 28-18.

Pick: Texans


Saturday, December 21st - Saturday NFL Special - Game 2

Bills(10-4) at Patriots(11-3) - De facto AFC East Championship Game

Despite an early-season home loss to the Pats, Buffalo has kept pace with the Goliath of the AFC East all season, and now it comes down to this, an opportunity to tie New England in the standings going into the final week. This will be a grind it out dogfight between two of the top-three defenses in the NFL. Points will be at a premium, but the Pats will have more of them than the Bills in the end. New England wins 13-9.

Pick: Patriots


Saturday, December 21st - Saturday Night Football - Game 3

Rams(8-6) at 49ers(11-3)

How the once mighty have fallen in Los Angeles, as the supposed greatness of the Rams was exposed in Atlanta back in February and has never truly recovered. Now the darling offensive genius of Sean McVay has been overtaken by the new beloved genius of Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. Shanahan and his Niners will enjoy burying the Rams and claiming the precarious perch that once propped up the Rams. San Francisco wins 42-16.

Pick: 49ers


Sunday, December 22nd- Early Games

Bengals(1-13) at Dolphins(3-11)

Miami has won too many games to make this the “Burrow Bowl” thus taking away what minuscule amount of drama that could be found in this matchup. Miami wins 24-16.

Pick: Dolphins


Steelers(8-6) at Jets(5-9)

Duck Hodges, Duck Dodgers, Buck Rogers, it don’t matter, Steelers by four. Pittsburgh wins 17-13.

Pick: Steelers


Giants(3-11) at Redskins(3-11)

Do we have to? Really? Giants win 26-12.

Pick: Giants


Panthers(5-9) at Colts(6-8)

Indianapolis comes in a bit shell-shocked from their trashing on Monday Night, thankfully going from the NFL’s all-time passing, touchdown, and accuracy leader facing them at quarterback to now facing a third-stringer nobody could pick out of a lineup. It won't matter though, Indy’s season is lost and Christian McCaffrey will do what he usually does. Carolina wins 28-23.

Pick: Panthers


Ravens(12-2) at Browns(6-8)

Baltimore will easily avenge their perplexing early season loss against Cleveland. This time returning the favor by smashing the Browns in front of their fans. Baltimore wins 42-13.

Pick: Ravens


Jaguars(5-9) at Falcons(5-9)

The Falcons’ journey to repeat seasons of 7-9 purgatory is nearly complete! Good! *Emperor Palpatine laugh* Good! Atlanta wins 30-16.

Pick: Falcons


Saints(11-3) at Titans(8-6)

The Saints are struggling with some key injuries and have brought some new faces into the building recently, but despite it all they keep competing and they win far more than they lose. In fact, it seems this Saints team rallies when they are down a few players. This is a team that responds better when their back is against the wall and they get to play the underdog role.

This game needs to be reminiscent of the Saints’ win in Chicago, it needs to run through Latavius Murray. Drew Brees and Michael Thomas will do just what it is they normally do, but the Saints really need to be able to rely on their run game in order to grind down the Titans. If Alvin Kamara simply cannot get back to his usual production, Murray needs to be ignited here down the stretch, creating more balance for the Saints going into the playoffs.

This Titans team is good, they are an AFC playoff contender, and they are at home, but the Saints are one of the very best road teams and they will be ready and inspired to come up big with so much on the line. It may not be easy, and we won't likely see the offense explosions we've seen in recent weeks, but we will see a Saints victory nonetheless. Saints win 28-20.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, December 22nd - Late Games

Raiders(6-8) at Chargers(5-9)

The Raiders say goodbye to another home, this time in their longtime home of Los Angeles, where they are infinitely far more beloved than the city’s two current teams combined. The Raiders’ defense will step up huge in front of their hometown fans in LA by shutting down the Chargers’ running game. Oakland wins 23-14.

Pick: Raiders


Lions(3-10-1) at Broncos(5-9)

Denver will have their biggest offensive game of the season against the porous Detroit defense. Denver wins 28-17.

Pick: Broncos


Cardinals(4-9-1) at Seahawks(11-3)

Kyler Murray and the Cards will fight and claw to keep it close, but their defense will ultimately fold against Russell Wilson in Seattle. Seattle wins 20-14.

Pick: Seahawks


Cowboys(7-7) at Eagles(7-7) - De facto NFC East Championship Game

Dallas’ big three on offense will get theirs, and Philly will make some big plays on offense as well, but ultimately Philly’s inability to make crucial catches will ruin them in the clutch. Dallas wins 31-24.

Pick: Cowboys


Sunday Night Football

Chiefs(10-4) at Bears(7-7)

Chicago’s defense will fight hard to keep them in this game, but it’ll be too much to ask of them to keep Patrick Mahomes from taking over in the end. Kansas City wins 23-17.

Pick: Chiefs


Monday, December 23rd - 2019 Monday Night Football Finale

Packers(11-3) at Vikings(10-4) - Game of the Week - De facto NFC North Championship Game

To say there is a lot on the line for both teams in this game would be a severe understatement. Results ranging from a division title to possible homefield advantage potentially hinges on the outcome of this game. This game promises to be a tense thriller all the way through, but it feels like Kirk Cousins will make a crucial mistake late in the game, giving Aaron Rodgers one last chance to do Aaron Rodgers things, scoring in the final moment to win the game. Green Bay wins 24-23.

Pick: Packers


The Saints can make all of our Christmases merry and bright with a win on Sunday, and a Minnesota win on Monday would be the perfect stocking stuffer! Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below! Merry Christmas, Who Dat Nation!