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Saints March into Tennessee and Win 38-28

Saints fight back down from a 0-14 deficit and win 38-28.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a historic Monday night when they defeated the Indianapolis Colts, 34-7. Drew Brees set the new all time touchdown record in the game, surpassing Peyton Manning's mark of 539. Before today's game Drew Brees currently sits at 541. In that game Drew Brees also set the new single-game high completion percentage, he was 29/30, completing 96.7% of his passes. The Saints can continue their historic performance because Drew Brees finished last week's game with 22 straight completions, with 4 straight completions in todays game he will set a new NFL record for most consecutive completions (26). Michael Thomas can break the receptions record with 11 catches today he will surpass Marvin Harrisons 143 reception record.

They have a lot on the line, in order to get the first seed the Saints need to win out and get some help


Here is how the game unfolded as if you were there:


First Quarter

  • Saints win the toss and elect to defer to the second half. Saints defense gets back to back stops in the back field. Forces the Titans to go three-and-out after Tannehill gets stopped on an effect to scramble for the first.
  • Saints offense starts with an inside zone to Kamara and then a completion to Michael Thomas for a first down. On 1st and 10 Drew Brees is incomplete to Michael Thomas ending his streak with 23 straight completions. 3rd and 10 screen pass to Kamara is stopped in the backfield, Saints will punt.
  • Titans offense back onto the field, Corey Davis beats Eli Apple for a first down. Dion Lewis on a screen pass gains 19 yards, to the Saints 41. On play action Tannehill finds Jonnu Smith for a 41 yard touchdown, Saints blew coverage on the completion and followed that up with poor tackling after the catch.
  • NO: 0 - TEN: 7
  • Deonte Harris takes the kickoff to the Saints 43 yard line. Holding penalty against the Saints puts them into 2nd & 18. Drew Brees is sacked saints don’t convert on 3rd & 18 and will punt.
  • Tannehill finds Jonnu Smith again for a first down. On and end around to AJ Brown, he takes it to the crib for a 49 yard rushing touchdowns. Eli Apple is down on the field after the play. Saints defense missing assignments and tackles early and often.
  • NO: 0 - TEN: 14
  • Kamara takes a big hit on 1st & 10, lose 1. On 2nd & 11 Brees finds Cook for 7 yards. 3rd & 4 Brees finds Thomas for a 1st down. Josh Hill false start sets the Saints back to 1st & 15. Brees finds Thomas for a big gain of 19 yards. Taysom Hill checks in and keeps it on a read option for 7 yards, 3rd & 1 coming. Murray moves the chains to the TEN 32.

Second Quarter

  • False start for the Saints to start the 2nd. Saints already have 4 penalties for 30 yards. Brees can’t connect with Cook but pass interference will give the Saints the first. Saints false start again, 1st & 15 on the TEN 20. Screen to Kamara for 7 yards, 3rd & 8. Brees is sacked by Casey, they’ll settle for a field Goal
  • NO: 3 - TEN: 14
  • Titans block in back on 1st down, they'll back up to 1st & 15. Patrick Robinson is in for the injured Eli Apple. On 2nd & 11 Tannehill throws the ball away for his first incompletion of the game. Titans can’t convert on 3rd and 11, they'll punt. Saints defense forces a 3-and-out.
  • Saints will start their drive on the TEN 45 yard line. Brees finds Thomas for 15 yards, move the chains. Josh Hill holds and will put them back to 1st & 20. Brees finds Thomas and Kamara to set up 3rd & 7. Brees finds Hogan but not enough for a first. They'll punt the ball back to the Titans.
  • Tannehill is sacked by David Onyemata but hands to the face is called on the defensive tackle and wipes out the play. Titans will face a 3rd & 5 false starts sets them back 5 more yards 3rd & 10. Klein gets to Tannehill for a sack, Titans will be forced to punt.
  • Saints will start on the TEN 48 with 7:38 left in the half. Saints hold on 2nd down and will face 2nd & 20. Brees finds Murray out of the back field and get some back, 3rd & 13. Brees’s pass is short to Michael Thomas. Saints will punt again. Saints line up illegally for their 9th penalty.
  • Tannehill scrambles for 8 yards on 1st down. Dawkins is stopped short on 2nd down, Titans convert 3rd and 1 to Corey Davis. on 1st down Cam Jordan gets to Tannehill for a sack, (14.5 sacks for Cam). Dion Lewis rushes for 10 yards and face 3rd and 1. Demario Davis sacks Tannehill on 3rd and 1, there 4th sack of the game. Titans will punt back to the Saints with 2:45 left in the half.
  • Saints drive will start on their 38. Drew Brees finds Jared Cook for a 61 yard Touchdown! Blown coverage for the Titans, great block by Alvin Kamara down field. Cook finds the endzone on the first play of the drive.
  • NO: 10 - TEN: 14
  • On the kickoff Titans get to the 40 but holding pushes them back to their 8 yard line. On 3rd & 6 Titans convert. Two minute warning. Titans have 1st and 10 on their 24 yard line. CJ Garden-Johnson and PJ Williams are in at safety with Marcus Williams in the medical tent. Titans run three straight times to chew the clock, they don’t get the first, Titans will punt with 26 seconds let.
  • Saints take over with 18 seconds left in the half. Saints draw to Kamara to run out the time of the first half. Saints will receive the 2nd half kickoff.


Third Quarter

  • Deonte Harris takes the opening half kickoff to the 39 yard line. Latavius Murray starts the half with a 3 yard run. Brees takes a shot to Michael Thomas incomplete but pass interference on Logan Ryan, Saints to the TEN 40 yard line. Alvin Kamara finds a crease and breaks out a huge 40 yard scamper for a touchdown! That is Kamaras largest run of the season and his first touchdown since week 3. Saints came back down 14 points now have the lead.
  • NO: 17 - TEN: 14
  • Tennessee takes over and runs on first down for 3 yards. Next play Dion Lewis finds a crease and runs for 17 yards. Titans hold on 1st & 10 and back up to 1st & 20. Shy Tuttle sacks Tannehill for a loss of 2. Saints 5th sack today. Tannehill is incomplete on 3rd down and will punt, batted at the line by Malcolm Brown. Marcus Williams has been listed as questionable to return with a groin injury.
  • Deonte Harris with another good return takes it to the 30. Brees cant connect with Thomas on 2nd down, Tennessee is challenging the ruling on the play as a catch and a fumble, call on the field stands, 3rd & 12. Mike Thomas big catch of 26 yards and a first down. Next play Brees finds Tre’Quan Smith for a first down. Again next play Brees hits Kamara and he runs for 14 yards. On first down Kamara runs for 5 yards. Brees finds Mike Thomas for a first down, his 140th reception, for a 1st and goal. Kamara then runs it down to the 1 yard line. Kamara runs it for a 1-yard touchdown! Kamara’s 2nd TD of the game.
  • NO: 24 - TEN: 14
  • Wil Lutz kicks a touchback and Titans will start on their 25 yard line. Dion Lewis rushes for 8 yards on 1st. Tannehill hits Corey Davis for 22 yards. Titans are facing 3rd and 1 on the Saints side of the field. Tannehill scrambles and finds Sharpe for a 36 yard touchdown.
  • NO: 24 - TEN 21
  • The Pro Bowler Deonte Harris breaks loose again to the 48 yard line, a 47 yard return. Kamara runs twice for nine yards, 3rd & 1. Taysom Hill checks in and keeps it for the first down. Brees finds Taysom Hill for a 23 yard reception, ball on the TEN 16 yard line. Brees throws a dart to Jared Cook for a 16 yard touchdown!
  • NO: 31 - TEN: 21
  • Tennessee starts at their 23 yard line. Patrick Robinson blitzes off the edge and drops Lewis in the back field for a 3 yard loss. Titans facing 3rd & 3. Tannehill finds Sharpe for a first down. Titans have the ball at their 37 yard line to start the 4th.

Fourth Quarter

  • Dion Lewis gets three yards on first down. Saints sack Tannehill but gets overturned due to a defensive holding. Patrick Robinson stops Dion Lewis for no gain, 3rd & 10. Patrick Robinson stops Sharpe short of the sticks, they'll punt.
  • Saints are pinned deep, they take over on their 9 yard line. Screen pass to Deonte Harris loses one on 2nd down, 3rd and 11 coming. Brees is sacked at the 1 yard line. Saints will punt.
  • Titans will have great field position, they start on the Saints 42 yard line. Dawkins breaks off a 14 yard run on first down. Dawkins rushes again for nine yards. Dawkins moves the chains into the red zone. Demario Davis gets a TFL, 2nd & 11. On 3rd & 2 Tannehill finds Sharpe in the end zone for a 7 yard touchdown.
  • NO: 31 - TEN: 28
  • Titans squib kick it to keep it away from Deonte Harris, Saints take over at the 28 yard line up three points. Brees hits Thomas for 5 yards to start the drive. He finds him again for a first down. Taysom Hill checks in and throws a 20 yard dart to Michael Thomas, his 143rd reception. 2nd and 7 from TEN 38 yard line. 3rd & 7 pass intended for Jared Cook incomplete, former Saint Kenny Vaccaro in coverage. Saints will punt. Saints fake punt, direct snap to Taysom Hill throws to a wide up Justin Hardee but he drops it. Tennessee will take over on downs
  • Tennessee start their drive on their 38 yard line. Tannehill throws to Raymond catch fumble, big hit CJ Gardner-Johnson ball comes out and Garden-Johnson picks it up and returns all the way to the Titans 25.
  • Saints ball on TEN 25, Latavius Murray starts the drive with a 5 yard run. Brees hits Kamara for 5 yards for a first down. Saints first down, ball on TEN 15. Brees hits Michael Thomas and takes it the 1 yard line. Thomas is now the all time reception leader in a single season. (144 receptions) breaking Marvin Harrison’s record. Brees hits Thomas again for a 2-yard passing touchdown!
  • NO: 38 - TEN: 28
  • Tennessee will take over at the 25 with 2:10 left in the game. First play AJ Brown beats Marshon Lattimore for 34 yards. Pass deflected at the line, Titans will have 3rd and down, two minute warning. Tannehill is incomplete on 3rd & 10, nearly intercepted by Gardner-Johnson. On 4th down, Patrick Robinson breaks up and end zone shot to Sharpe. Saints will take over with 1:44, Tennessee have no timeouts.
  • Drew Brees takes a knee and improve their record to 12-3, travel to Carolina next week.
  • Saints Win! Saints Win!