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Titans 14 Saints 10: 2nd Half Game Thread

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Both the Saints and Titans go 3 and out to start the game.

Run defense is strong but the secondary allows the Titans to drive down for a TD. 7-0 Titans.

Titans force another 3 and out, largely due to a holding penalty. Drew Brees has been under constant pressure as well and is sacked on the final play.

Titans return the kick to the 40 and 2 plays later are in the endzone again. 14-0 Titans.

Deonte Harris returns kickoff to the 30 and the Saints actually pick up a first down. Saints drive to the Titans 32 before the end of the 1st quarter. Two false starts on Nick Easton are costing the Saints and Drew Brees is sacked again on 3rd and 8. A Wil Lutz fieldgoal makes it 14-3 Titans.

Titans start at the 25. Saints force a 3 and out.

Ensuing punt goes out of bounds and the Saints start at the 25. the first bad call by the refs negate a nice run by Alvin Kamara. Just short of midfield the Saints are forced to punt again.

Titans start at the 11. Ryan Tannehill is sacked at one but a hands to the face moves the Titans 5 yards instead. A false stat on the Titans makes it 3rd and 10. Ryan Tannehill is sacked again at the 5. Titans punt.

Deonte Harris flubs the punt but falls on it at the Titans 48. Another holding penalty this time on Will Clapp backs them up into Saints territory. Saints punt again.

A flag on the punt places the Titans at their 12. Tannehill scrambles for 8. Cameron Jordan get a sack. Demario Davis gets him a sack and forces a punt.

Another punt out of bounds and the saints start at their 39. Drew Brees to Jared Cook for the TD. 14-10 Titans. 2:23 to the half.

Titans start at the 8. Defense eventually holds and forces a punt. Harris returns to the 38 with 16 seconds left. Alvin Kamara picks up a meaningless 1st down and it’s halftime. 14-10 Titans.