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Saints Twitter reactions after a wild Week 17 finish.

The New Orleans Saints’ fortunes went way beyond their scheduled game Sunday

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you believed the Saints 42-10 drumming of the Carolina Panthers was the end of their stress before the playoffs you had a long day ahead of you. From the Saints blowout regular season finale to the surrounding teams in the NFC helping shape their destiny, week 17 came down to the very last second —literally.

First let us begin with the Saints going on the road, and making their final statement of 2019, before a 2020 arrives that they hope begins with a championship.

As the Saints were wrapping up their 13-3 season, eyes were in Detroit in hopes of a major upset over the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately the Lions couldn’t hold on, but there was one last hope as the day continued for a New Orleans first round bye.

The aftermath had Saints fans thinking about the road ahead and adversity from the past.

The Saints can now finally look forward to another playoff run. This one that they hope ends where it did ten years ago —in Miami and as super bowl champions.