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Farewell, and thank you Canal Street Chronicles

Bob Dylan once wrote, The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

There’s no easier way to say this, but my time with SB Nation has come to an end. I have absolutely enjoyed overseeing Canal Street Chronicles and interacting with the community during my tenure.

For over the past 3 years, I have served as the Managing Editor of this site. The journey over the past 39 months and some change has been something, as my whole entire focus was to continue to change the landscape of the blogging world to deliver unique, objective content that the community could both enjoy and be taken seriously. It’s had its share of bumps and bruises, but has been quite enjoyable and has provided some tremendous opportunities that I never would have thought were possible when I started this whole journey nearly 8 years ago.

There are so many people to thank from my time here, so forgive me if I mistakenly leave you out of the picture. I’d first like to thank Dave Cariello for first approaching me about running the site. He was and will always be tall shoes to fill, but had it not been for him, then I would have never got this opportunity. I would also like to thank Joel Thorman of the SBN family, who has been a pleasure and delight to work for as the NFL Leader for SBN. I also want to recognize the hard work of behind the scenes players like Morgan Kuriloff and Jeanna Thomas. They all work hard and it usually goes unnoticed.

The backbone of this site is all in the contributors, and I thank them all for their time and dedication over the years: Chris Dunnells, Deuce Windham, Chad LeBlanc, Wallace Delery, Bob Rose, Don Kellum, Seth Galina, Monica Charlton, Ellias Williams, JR Ella, Tee Word, Chris Conner, John Sigler, Brian Pavek, Kade Kistner, Brenden Ertle, Kevin Skiver, and Aaron Miller.

As for me, I will still cover the New Orleans Saints, but for another outlet going forward. Thank you all for everything. The future of this site will be in good hands. I can assure you of that. Stay tuned for more.


John Hendrix