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49ers 28 Saints 27: 2nd Half Game Thread.

We have a shootout.

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The 49ers win the coin toss and defer. Deonte Harris takes out from the endzone to the 27.

QB Drew Brees quickly drives the field on the backs of Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Latavius Murray. Brees to Jared Cook deep for the touchdown. Saints 7-0.

49ers start at the 25. They quickly drive into Saints territory at the 30. Next pass 1st and goal. All passing. Touchdown 49ers, all on the arm of James Garoppolo. Tie game. 8:26 into the 1st quarter.

Deonte Harris takes it out again to the 46. Kamara tackled for a loss. 2nd and 17. Brees to Kamara for a gain past original line of scrimmage. 3rd and 9. Brees to Ted Ginn Jr. for the 1st. Taysom Hill rushes for 7. Latavius Murray picks up the 1st down. Saints at the 49er 26. Brees to Jared Cook for the TD. Personal foul helmet to the head on Cook. Cook completes the catch but appears to be knocked out. Expect he is headed to the tent for evaluation. Saints take the 15 yards and go for two but are denied. 13-7 Saints.

49ers start at the 25. Time to step up defense. Cook just came out of the tent without his helmet. 49ers rush for 1. False start backs them up. 2nd and 14. Another rush for 2. Third and 12. Jimmy Garoppolo sacked by Demario Davis. 3 and out.

Deonte Harris fields it at the 50 and returns to the 29. Kamara rushes for 2. A Jet sweep to Deonte Harris for the 1st. Brees to Michael Thomas for 9. Latavius Murray rushes it down to the 2. First and goal. End of the 1st quarter. Brees to Josh Hill for the easy touchdown. Will Lutz extra point is good. 20-7 Saints.

49ers will start at the 25. First play is a pass by Jimmy Garoppolo to Emanuel Sanders for the touchdown. 20-14 Saints.

Deonte Harris takes it out again but his time only to the 16. Brees to Thomas for 9 after he fumbles out of bounds. Murray picks up the 1st. Ginn Jr. picks up another 1st. Alvin Kamara rushes for 15. Brees to Latavius Murray who breaks several tackles and takes it to the 14. Brees to Ginn for 2. Taysom Hill in at QB and keeps for 2. Third and 6. An injury timeout for a 49ers player. Brees to Kamara for the 1st and goal. Kamara rushes for one. Brees to Josh Hill to the 2. Third and goal. Kamara rushes just short. Drew Brees with the QB sneak on 4th down for the TD. Lutz still money. 27-14 Saints. 7:29 to the half.

49ers start at the 25. Lets Geaux Defense. Garpoppolo to Deboo Samuel to the 46. 49ers rush for the 1st. 49ers trickery, a flip to Sanders who completes deep for a touchdown. 27-21 Saints.

Touchback. Saints start at the 25. Taysom Hill in a QB. Intends to pass but pressure forces him to run for 6. Kamara picks up 3 more. 3rd and 1. Taysom Hill sacked for a loss. Saints punt. First punt of the day.

49ers return to the 36 but a holding flag backs them up to the 26. A pass for 9 then a loss. TE George Kittle picks up the 1st on third and long. Matt Breida breaks one to the Saints 37. Two minute warning. 49ers pick up the 1st but a block in the back after the play backs them up. 1st and 13. Pass to Deboo Samuel. 2nd and 6. A rush for 3, it’s 3rd down. 49ers rush to the 4. First and goal. False start backs them up to the 10. 49ers rush for the touchdown. 28-27 49ers. :42 to the half.

Deonte Harris takes it out to the 28. Two rush plays and it’s 3rd an 9. 6 seconds to half time. Saints timeout. Murray for a nice gain as time runs out Halftime. 49ers up 28-27.