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Grading the 2018 Safeties | Did Glenn ask Saints to block Bengals? | ESPN says let Ingram walk[Podcast]

Whats the facts?

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Was Aaron Glenn actually the one to block the Bengals inquiry, but had the Saints do it to avoid burning a bridge?

Offseason is in full swing, and today’s big topic is the Bengals getting shut down in their attempts to interview Saints’ secondary coach Aaron Glenn. New Orleans seems determined to keep everyone together from the 2018 season, and we discuss this and more on the podcast.

Podcast Topics

  • ESPN’s Bill Barnwell says the Saints should let Ingram walk for anything more than 4 million a year
  • Was it actually Glenn who blocked the interview, or the Saints
  • Grading the 2018 Safeties individually and as a group
  • Who was the best/most consistent safety from the group
  • What players at safety could the go after in free agency if they wanted?
  • Answering fan questions

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