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Super Bowl LIII* open thread

Its time for Super Bowl LIII*. Join us here for our open thread/therapy session/venting forum.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost over

NFC Champion* - Los Angeles Rams


AFC Champion - New England Patriots

Understandably, many of you have absolutely no interest in watching this game, due to the ridiculous events that marred the NFC Championship Game. We all know the New Orleans Saints should be the reigning NFC Champions, looking to secure their second Super Bowl Championship tonight, but unfortunately that will not be happening.

Many have taken to protest this game to send a message to the NFL, while some just have no interest in football at all after the last Saints game. There will also be fans that are rooting for the Pats to beat the brakes off the Rams and seal their fraudulence. Not matter what angle you take on this game, use this open thread as your sounding board. Comment on the game if you like, comment on a re-watch of Super Bowl XLIV, comment on the Saints, the NFL, its officiating, and “King Clown” Roger Goodell. Vent your feelings (but keep it clean, this is a family-friendly establishment) and share your thoughts here with us. We’re all ready to get this Super Bowl over with, so let’s get on with it.


Sunday, February 3rd - 3:30pm PST / 5:30pm CST / 6:30pm EST


Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, Georgia

Weather Forecast:

53º - Partly cloudy (Retractable roof will be closed)

TV Broadcast:


-Jim Nantz and Tony Romo


Westwood One

-Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner, and Mike Holmgren

Online Streaming:

iOS/Android Streaming:


National Anthem:

Gladys Knight

Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show:

Maroon 5


Patriots -2.5; Over/Under 56.5

Uniform Combinations:

Blue Jerseys/Yellow Pants (Rams) / White Jerseys/Blue Pants (Patriots)

Team Blogs:

Turf Show Times (Rams) / Pats Pulpit (Patriots)


Let’s get this over with and move on to the 2019 New Orleans Saints season.