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Falcons “pumped in” crowd numbers in 2018

That’s the entire story. lol

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Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons, the team almost-most-known for pumping fake crowd noise into its stadium, has made news for another reason:

As explained in the underlying article and quoted by ProFootballTalk, it’s not uncommon for announced attendance to be more than actual attendance:

The SEC Championship Game had an actual attendance of 69,614 compared to an announced 77,141, the MLS Cup had an actual 69,004 compared to an announced 73,019 and the Peach Bowl had an actual 68,413 compared to an announced 74,006.

But the disparity is even bigger with Falcons’ games:

Documents obtained by the stadium authority show that 60,626 fans attended the Falcons’ seventh home game, which had an announced attendance of 72,262. And only 56,470 fans attended the Falcons’ final home game, which had an announced attendance of 72,084.

It seems like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t the only team in the division struggling with attendance and attempting to rectify it with... “creative”...measures.