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Teddy Bridgewater a part of Saints future but Mark Ingram not | signing of Latavius Murray [Podcast]

Mark Ingram won’t be returning, Did they make up for it enough with the signing of Latavius Murray? Meanwhile, Teddy Bridgewater seems to be the face of the franchise for the future, good or bad, and we haven’t even “officially” started free agency!

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t know what you got...till it’s gone

Just like that the Saints organization and it’s fans are left to remember the times they had with Mark Ingram. What’s the impact of losing a player of his caliber and did the Saints do enough to fill the void by signing former Vikings RB Latavius Murray? How does this affect Alvin Kamara?

It’s a rainy day in New Orleans indeed but fear not, if you know the importance of the QB position you know that the little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds is the return of Teddy Bridgewater following Sean Payton’s emphatic declaration that “he’s our guy”.

Podcast Topics

  • Who fills the emotional void, what did the Saints lose?
  • The Taysom Hill effect
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Latavius Murray
  • Ode to Mark Ingram
  • This is Alvin Kamara’s RB group now
  • Teddy Bridgewater return and the parallels to when the Saints acquired Drew Brees
  • Should we trust Sean Payton’s decision making?
  • Ezekiel Ansah Visit
  • What else to possibly expect once FA officially kicks off

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