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Sean Payton not at risk of losing his job in 2019

My how much changes in the world of talking heads in just two seasons.

NFL: NFC Championship Game-Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

“[W]hen all you’re hanging on to is memories, it’s best to move on and make new ones.”

That’s the ending line in an article written by Fox Sports just two years ago. In it, Fox Sports speculates that Sean Payton is on the heat seat as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. The pieces goes as far as to actually suggest the two part ways.

Then the Saints made it to the NFC divisional round of the playoffs in 2017.

Then the Saints made it to the NFC Championship Game in 2018.

And all of a sudden, when Bleacher Report discussed the hot seat of NFL coaches across all 32 teams, Payton’s seat this season was called “ice cold:”

There’s a feeling that when the longest-tenured NFL head coach not named Belichick departs New Orleans, he’ll do so on his own terms. Seven double-digit-win seasons and a Super Bowl victory in a 13-year span will do that, especially considering that one of those seasons was lost as a result of his Bountygate suspension.

And don’t forget, if not for an abysmal blown call, Payton would be coming off another Super Bowl appearance.

So can we just quit with all of the “Sean Payton to Dallas” rumors, please?

And did that Bleacher Report piece really end by saying “Don’t forget?”

“Don’t forget?!”

Don’t worry.

We won’t.