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Ben Watson Considering Un-retiring?

Is a reunion with the New Orleans Saints in the future?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL regular season did not end quite as Benjamin Watson had hoped.

When Watson announced he would be retiring following the end of the season, he hoped the “end of the season” would be the opportunity to hoist another Lombardi. Instead, Watson was forced to see his team come up just short of a Super Bowl appearance in a game he was forced to miss due to appendicitis.

Now, after preparing for life after football, it appears Watson might not be done after all.

The key question here is: what exactly is the “right situation” that would keep Watson back?

Surely a team geared up to win a Super Bowl would have to be enticing, right? And a team, organization, quarterback, coach, and playbook that he’s familiar with in a city he knows couldn’t hurt. That could be the New Orleans Saints.

It could also be the New England Patriots.

If Watson does decide to renege his retirement, odds are he would sign with either the Saints or Patriots. Even at his age, Watson was still the 17th ranked tight end in the NFL last season according to Pro Football Focus, and less would be asked of him in New Orleans than last year after the team added Pro Bowl TE Jared Cook.

Stay tuned for more updates.